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EWB - Phanmaggi Collaboration.

Our partners at Engineers Without Borders- Karlsruhe [ ] visited Saba from April 17th, 2019 to March 17th, 2019. During this time, they collaborated with the community to build an organic fertilizer chamber for the production of organic fertilizer. This will help wean the community off the use of chemical based artificial fertilizers which can have harmful effects on both the environment and the health of the the consumers of the produce they were use on.

The community will help evangelize and train other communities on the production of organic fertilizer. The fertilizer could also be sold to other communities to generate income for other community based projects. This is the first leg of what we hope will be a long term relationship between Phanmaggi and EWB. The next phase of the project that Phanmaggi is working on with EWB is the design and financing of the water irrigation project at the community gardens. EWB is the designer and main financier of the project.

Felix from EWB [on the right] working with phanmaggi members on the fertilizer chamber.

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